Friday, April 1, 2011

Eating in Auckland

No, I have not forgotten about this blog. Rather I've been cheap with my time when it comes to blogging. I have been posting pictures to my other blog, but still haven't finished posting all the New Zealand pictures there either. But enough of that, lets get to the food.

Our first food on our honeymoon was airplane food. Usually disgusting fare wrapped entirely in disposable dishes. I think only the tray was reusable in the last airplane food I ate, and that was probably because the airline hadn't figured out a cheap yet sturdy disposable alternative.  New Zealand Air on the other hand is much more ecofriendly. The bowls and coffee cup were heavy duty plastic, nice enough I wanted to sneak it home.  The wine glass was really glass.
Juice, cake, some sort of salad with seafood in it and mystery food under the foil. I choose the beef mystery food.
Small piece of cake, but still, CAKE!
And the mystery food.  Beef pasta with marinara sauce and cheese. It was good. And in a ceramic bowl, to help keep it hot.
Doug's mystery food. Vegetable fritata with more veggies on the side. Sometimes when you order the healthy sounding food, you get the gross food.

That was the main meal. Later on we got a big snack/small breakfast closer to landing. By then I was quite tired and not in the mindset for taking pictures.  But enough of the airplane food, on to Auckland!
Snack in a coffee shop. In this particular coffee shop, it was proper to eat a ham and cheese sandwich with a fork and knife.  This was also our first experience with New Zealand coffee in a shop.  There is no brewed coffee as we Americans are used to.  The closest thing you can get is a Long Black, much like an Americano.  This would be very disappointing to Doug who wanted a brewed cup of coffee.
Dinner on the town. Doug ordered fish and chips. And ate all of it. Then he felt kinda sick. 9.5 hours airplane travel + not enough sleep + too much greasy food = tired, icky feeling husband.
My food was better again. Beef stew with mash. The mash had carrots, turnips, and potatoes all mashed together. It was very tasty, but too much for me to finish.
Because it was our honeymoon, we decided one good meal was appropriate while in Auckland.  We found a nice little bistro.
I had roast lamb with garlic spinach and some kind of grain that was similar to barley.  This was my first lamb experience in New Zealand.  It was fantastic.
Doug had duck.  Looks like he's going to eat it straight from the plate, but I assure you, he used utensils.
During our meal.
Following the meal with some espresso. I am sunburnt from our 10 mile city hike earlier in the day. Turns out you can burn through clouds.
A lunch in Devonport, just a short ferry ride across the harbor from Auckland.  Pasta with cream sauce, garlic, parmesan, mushrooms, and bacon. I should figure out how to recreate this dish, it was awesome.
Our last meal in Auckland was at Hell Pizza. 
Two pizzas and breadsticks.  It was a good meal, but hard to say if it was because it was a funny name for pizza or because it was actually good.  We had leftovers, but it was no problem since we picked up our campervan the next day.

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