Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Worthy Mix

During one stressful week of college a few years back, a friend came over to help me unwind. At the time I had a comfort food dilemma: should I make cookies or brownies? The helpful friend let me in on a secret: Ben and Jerry's makes Half-Baked ice cream. A yummy mix of chocolate and vanilla ice creams with cookie dough and brownie bits mixed in. It was awesome, and quickly became my go-to flavor of Ben and Jerry's.

Fast forward a few years, and I was eating a fantastic dessert made by a friend. Not really sure what it was, but I went back for seconds (yes, I am a dessert monster). Later that night she let me in on the secret: it was brownies and cookies in the same pan!

Here is a look at the tasty dessert:

Turns out they are super easy. The recipe is even on the back of the cookie package. All one needs is a box of brownie mix for a 9X13 pan and a pouch of cookie dough mix. Make both according to package directions, put the brownie batter in the pan first followed by the cookie dough and bake. Good thing this makes a 9X13 pan. Anything smaller just wouldn't do. And now when I can't decide between cookies and brownies, I have a recipe that lets me make both.

(Just in case you were wondering - I finally acquired a 9X13 baking pan for my kitchen)

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