Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Acquired

Yesterday I finally got a book that has been thumbed through on every visit to Borders:

Forgotten Skills of Cooking. It is a great book, even just looking at the pictures makes me want to get in the kitchen and put something together.  I think tomorrow will be my first try with this new book.  I intend to head to the farmer's market held in my town on Tuesday mornings, where they sell fresh, whole fish.  The fish section in this book goes over how to gut a fish, how to cut the head off, and how to fillet.  It also has several suggestions for cooking a fish, based on the type of fish you have.  One thing that impresses me is that the fish recipes don't call only for one type of fish, as my other cookbooks do.  Instead each recipe has a description of the type of fish it calls for, along with suggestions in case that exact type of fish is not available.  This cookbook looks less like a chemistry experiment written up with exact details and more like a general idea of what to throw together so I get something that may or may not be replicated the next time.  I like that kind of cooking.

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