Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Really Small Kitchen

Long before we ever moved into our own place, Doug and I talked about what we would want for our ideal home. He wants a garage for his motorcycle. I want a huge kitchen. Paying rent in Hawaii means that these things we want have to be altered to fit our budget: covered parking for Doug's bike and a kitchen that I don't have to share with roommates. So though the kitchen is used only by the two of us, it is a teeny tiny kitchen.

When we moved in, this was the kitchen in its entirety:

The fridge (for which you can only see the handle) ended the kitchen space. There is nothing but a wall opposite the the sink/stove/fridge side of the kitchen. Though it is hard to see in the picture, the cabinet space above the sink is actually quite high, and since I cannot reach very high, the space is not all that usable. Good thing the stove top is flat, so I can use it as additional counter space.

Since I do enjoy cooking, the provided cabinet space was, well, not enough. Just the basic pots, pans, and dishes take up half the space. The other half I filled with spices and such; the things I use most while cooking. This left other food lined up against the wall in shopping bags, until I found a pantry solution:

Someday I hope to have a bigger kitchen. But for now this is a major improvement when compared to roommates who have different cooking/cleaning ideas in the kitchen.


  1. Yea for no roommates!
    I'll check on the books here. I even have a gift certificate....
    Getting them to you by raft may take some I'll text you if I get them!

  2. Kristian makes a mean mug chain. Are you renting? The hooks mount to studs and you run the chain through and his hooks hold mugs, pots or pans or lids, whisks, basting brushes, potholders, anything that can be hooked. We have one unused we could send you as a wedding gift if you would use it.

  3. We are renting. I hadn't though of trying to hang things - not really sure where we would have room. Our apartment is a plantation style home, with no insulation in the walls and lots of windows.